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$10K and a multi-day trip, no strings attached?

Car journalist alleges Vinfast offered him $10,000 on top of an all-expenses paid Vietnam trip just to drive their VF8 & VF9


Paulo Acoba

January 3, 2023

I said, “Of course not, that sounds f*****g shady.”

Remember watching or reading a review of the Vinfast VF8 last year around April and May that seemed almost too positive? This might be a good reason why.

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California-based car journalist and podcaster Matt Farah revealed that Vinfast offered him a cool $10,000 on top of a multi-day trip to Vietnam just to drive pre-production models of their new electric SUV, the Vinfast VF8 and VF9.

Check out that part of his podcast below.https://www.youtube.com/embed/H7h6PTMh-kg?start=6334

Starting in April 2022 and several times since then, Vinfast flew out, according to their Instagram post, hundreds of car journalists, influencers, and VIPs to Vietnam for a multi-day trips crafted to not only showcase the best of Vietnam but to give them a chance to preview and test drive their VF8 and VF9.


It looks like Farah was on the fence about the whole trip as, according to how he remembered them trying to nudge him in the right direction.

“I was invited to that Vinfast thing, and I was offered $10,000. Come, and we’ll give you $10,000 on top of this thing.

“And I said, “Of course not, that’s f***ing shady.”

It’s not uncommon in the automotive industry to wine and dine media to various extents. Automakers need to get journalists and influencers to test out their new makes and models so, why not make it as pleasant as possible?

Automakers get honest reviews and journalists enjoy a perk of the job as long as they disclose they’ve been hosted accordingly.

Here’s an example of said disclosure from a Jalopnik contributor who was a part of Vinfast’s multi-day trip.

VinFast VF8 Is Simply Not Ready for America (jalopnik.com)

It’s one thing to fly out a bunch of people but, to offer a large cash gift, too?

Sounds an awful lot like that word that rhymes with….tribe.

The hallmark of journalism is honesty and, to offer that much money and not expect the author’s opinion to remain unbiased is questionable.

“Not only are we not ethically for it (accepting $10K,)” Farah further explained, “…but it also sounded very shady and his piece covered exactly why that I thought it would be shady.”

It’s not clear if other journalists and influencers were offered similar or even larger cash gifts, but it’s not hard to imagine Farah wasn’t the only one who needed a little nudging.

Farah’s experience is just something to keep in mind the next time you read a Vinfast car review.


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